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A day in the life

She is standing tall waiting in line to get her ice-mocha-late, moving her carry-on bag, fill to top and her extra-large hand bag. The line is long and the lady who has the turn to make the order is taking her time. She does not speak the language and with body language is trying to ask for a regular coffee, lady this is Starbucks, we don’t do large we do Grande, and there is not such a thing as regular coffee, pick your flavor, the young man in charge of the register explains calmly, ignoring the fact, her customer is Italian don’t speak English and just want a coffee. The second man on the queue, on a business elegant attire, tries to help, “madam” starts, “sis vu plais, may I help?”. The lady looks at him, she is pretty and well dress in a silky shirt dress and high hills, like Italians do. Finally she gave up, open her designer hand bag and pays for something the cashier recommend and move to the waiting table to get her coffee. The man order quickly so he can continue trying his French with the sexy Italian lady. Another man take his turn, “Bella Mozzarella Panini, and a coffee, leave room for the milk and could you please warm up the sandwich?” the cashier look at him, the man is wearing a summer shirt printed with palm trees and sandy beaches, flip flops and a bit too big hat, “no I cannot” The palm tree and sandy beach shirt man looks at him surprise, “but in the list says. Warm panini”, “machine is broken, $22” the man pays and move to join the Italian sexy lady and the "want to show my language skill" American in the waiting table. She is next. Moves her carry on, her large coat, her extra-large hand bag and approaches the cashier. “Peppermint Tea please” The man behind the counter look at her with surprise expression. “Can you say that again”, “Peppermint Tea please”. The cashier look at his co-worker who moves his shoulder up and down denoting lack of knowledge about such a estrange request. “We have a few teas here, would you like to pick one of them?”, “sure, the peppermint tea one” the cashier looks behind to the Tea shelve and all is green or orange or pink to him, pick the raspberry one, “this one?” smiles, “no, the green one, the one label "peppermint tea” he looks again and grab the three green packs, “which one?”, “this one, Peppermint Tea, see?” the queue is getting longer and the Italian lady, the American polyglot and the palm tree shirt are still waiting for their drinks. “Anything wrong?” the man on the palm trees shirt ask with a strong accent, “warming up the machine, just a second” the cold Panini is on the table and the coffees finally arrive, the man on the suit try to follow the Italian lady who joins her group, give up and seats in an empty sofa. Next in the queue is a very tall man wearing basketball shoes, “Grande Chocolate Chip Creme Frappuccino, banana cake and a bag of nuts” pays and move on. Expert, the man in the register think while greets the next customer, “Americano”, a very short lady with a heavy coat ask, "and a pack of mints" and moves on. The lady with the carry on, the coat and the extra-large hand bag is moving slowly with her drink, which she hopes is Peppermint tea, reaching a table while moving one thing at the time. A lady cleaning the floors hits her bag with the broom, interchange looks and both continue their way. Three young Japanese are seated at the high table facing outside, but looking at their laptop next to a drink getting cold, or hot, who knows what they order. One of them reach his brand new bag and grab another gadget and connect to the Internet. A Russian mother enter with a little kid crying out loud, she says something no one can understand and joins the queue. A big woman in a flowery dress and comfort shoes make her order “2 brownies, one Frappuccino, Grande and a Panini, warm please”. “I can’t warm it up, machine is broken”. Change to a regular cold sandwich and moves on. A voice calls for a fly number and announce boarding, the three Japanese put their gadget in their new back packs, throw the drinks in the rubbish bin and move to the gate. “No, no, you were flirting with him, you always do” a very posh couple join the queue and argue all the way to the cashier, very loud. They are tan and wearing very expensive clothes. “I don’t like the coffee in the lounge, too watery” “expresso please” order goes in the way. Three baristas work nonstop behind the sandwich and salad fridge. Another call for boarding and more people leave, the Italian lady grab her designer bag and the American polyglot watch her leaving, grabs a newspaper and entertain himself into forgiveness. The time pass, flip flops and light dress, summer shirt, heavy coats and boots, business suits, designer bags, plastic bags, tall, petite, black, white, “latino”, Asian, old, young, middle age, middle class, rich, super rich, all queuing, get their extravaganza and move on, get on their boarding gate. The cashier start counting money while a young woman close the metal curtain, the same broom lady clean the floors and one of the baristas clean the coffee machine.

Another busy day at the Gate 22. Life is a zoo.

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