10 Jun 2016

Today is Friday and I am walking towards the bus stop to go to work. I am smiling, not just because is Friday, is the Friday still holding the smell of childhood happiness, the memory of been out of school in the sunny afternoons, (is always sunny in my memories, and y...

6 May 2016

The Blue Prince Does Exists.

Is not a millionaire who will save you from prostitution while climbing to your balcony with a bouquet of nice and expensive flowers!

The blue prince will wait for you when you come back tired from work with the dinner ready, will walk proud...

23 Jun 2015

Please take 2 a day or as prescribe by your doctor. Do not make any decision, vote in elections or in a referendum or have an encounter with anyway you fear for been different before you been taking this medicine for at least a year. 

19 Feb 2014

London is hot

London is actually cold and damp wet

London in sexy and irreverent

London is a punk and a business man

London is a pirate

London is a cup of tea and a pint of beer, or maybe two, or maybe more

London is a Lady, that will allow you to make love to her

but actuall...

15 Sep 2012

  She is standing tall waiting in line to get her ice-mocha-late, moving her carry-on bag, fill to top and her extra-large hand bag. The line is long and the lady who has the turn to make the order is taking her time. She does not speak the language and with body langu...

7 Feb 2012

SHE, enters the restaurant with a scarf covering her head, not even one hair is visible. SHE enters pushing a baby stroller.  On her back, covering her entire ass written in white crystals you read “bebe”. The kids enter behind her and her husband is the last one, with...

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