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Earthly manners of conspicuous trues and lies. A study reveals elephants can fly 

Japon Sept 2018-Insta.jpg

Tokyo, Japan 2018

Tokyo 2.jpg
South Ken con cuadro.jpg

South Kensington Station, London UK 2018

Sevilla Junio018 (320).jpg

Sevilla, Andalucia, España 2018

Essen 11 2018 (5).jpg

Essen, Germany 2018

Barcelona 03- 2018 (3).jpg

Barcelona, España 2018

Okalhoma City, OK USA 2018

okc 04 2018 (22).jpg

Boston MA USA 2018

Ferber Boston 01.jpg

Earthly manners of conspicuous trues and lies. A study reveals elephants can fly 

I will give you a penny for every time you tell a true, you will never be very rich in no time.

Deception, deceit, hoax, delusion, guile, fraud, fraudulence, cheat, dishonesty, lie, falsehood, untruth, mendacity, mockery, prevaricate, equivocate.

A lie is an assertion that is believed to be false, typically used with the purpose of deceiving someone. The practice of communicating lies is called lying. A person who communicates a lie may be termed a liar.

Few human behaviors are viewed as paradoxically as lying, we learn as children that it is wrong, yet we lie every day in the name of civility. We deem those who lie too often or extensively as untrustworthy, while we may call those who lie too little guileless. And though we routinely expect marketers and politicians to lie, we spare them no end of moral outrage when they do.

Richard A. Friedman, M.d.

Why do we tell lies?

I move to London and 2 years later, the Brexit vote campaign began. I am from South America; I live there as a teenager and a bit of my adult life. My country is Brazil and Argentina neighbor, I went through a good few political campaigns. I live in the USA for 7 years, the land of marketing and not entire truth. I have never seen anything like the manipulation on the Brexit campaign.

As an artist, you get to prove your worth frequently, showing, talking, explaining, you must be consequent with your work, and coherent. I have seen the way a doctor, architects, engineers, and other professional, has to study, the committees that judge them before they can work, the many test and exams, and I have seen the consequences if you make a mistake.

And then, in the UK, a pile of misinformation and lies was pouring out the politician’s mouth, even a bus was claiming the amount of money could be given to the NHS if not having to “spend it” on the EU. It was shocking, to see how no one informed, it was all images directed to feelings and to make the citizens react, not think. It was shameful.

This was also 2016, and for the XXI century speed of time, we were “ignorant” of the social media capacity and manipulation, and the cookies were something we eat with tea, not this internet thingy that track everything we do.

This work is from this time, were I decided to show all over the world from the comfort of my home, well, I actually took all the photos, so I have been there, there is a bit of true in it, I am not in a far away land working for a “farm” where unemployed young people work as social media trolls. * “This is not propaganda, Adventures in the War Against Reality” Peter Pomerantsev.

We have created the reality we live in, and now, it is true scams are as old as Homo Sapiens, but this level of manipulation, with no consequences to whom lies, to those whose salary is paid by citizens that need to be informed, not emotionally manipulated, I have never seen before.

So, my shows were lovely, so successful and welcome in all this places. I have a very few copies left, so please, join the waiting list and you might be lucky and get one.

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