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Mobile Museum of Art (MMoA)

The aim of the Mobile Museum of Art is to bring art to all parts of the city of Berlin with the ambition of making it a European project. It aims to shorten the distance between contemporary art exhibitions and the general public, to make fine arts a public event and to allow everybody the joy of discovering other points of views and ways of communication. It aims to give the artist the power to not only show their work but decide how to show within the constraints of the space. It will be a collective project with the intent to amplify the concept of “art market” and make art and history a collective decision.
MMoA will be a hybrid between commercial art gallery and museum that will exhibit artists with no gallery representation, giving priority to Latin American women, refugee woman and queer artists, but we will consider other proposal from artists whose work aims to open dialogues and propose new and democratic reformulations.


MMoA will be hosted in an electrically powered cargo bike which has been designed by the applicant and built in Berlin.  It can be driven by anyone who can drive a bicycle and can be parked in any part of the city.


Each month a new artist will take over the project, who will be in charge to display their work in the space, decide the route, decide who will drive their exhibition (they can opt to drive themselves), and will have to return the MMoA to the next artist as the blank canvas it was given to them.

Advice and guidance will be tailored for each artist selected regardless of ethnic original, sexual orientation or disability.  Equally, by being a truly open continuous public event across Berlin, it becomes accessible to all who want to view the art and participate.

The growth of the city of Berlin has driven the increase in prices in the real estate sector, making it progressively more difficult for artists to find a place to work and exhibit their work.

The MMoA provides a solution for artists to exhibit their work without the need for an architectural space delimited to a territory and its immediate context.

The MMoA will achieve artistic exposure, from a variety of artist, to a wider public, reaching areas where galleries or museums have no influence given their static, and sometimes intimidating, nature. The art market and history books have for long time being dictate and determine by a small group of wealthy players, we want this project to continue with a revolution where everyone is involved in determine what is art, what is history and what is relevant.

Every day we are bombarded in the city with advertising for products that we probably do not need, with images that even generate psychological problems in adolescents and children as well as the vulnerable population, which represent a single point of view, a deterministic aesthetic and an unachievable Photoshoped model of life, ethnically and demographic limited to the white and the young middle to upper class looking.

We propose to offer another point of view, by inviting artist to exhibit in our MMoA that will be driven around the city every day. Art as a form of expression, as an interpretation of our current times and its possibilities to make us rethink and reformulate our realities.

We will make a call for artist to exhibit in the MMoA, with the premise to have an art capable of making us think, to deliver emotions and different points of view. We will refuse aggressive language as we consider we have enough of it in everyday media and it is making us numb.

MMoA will run from April to December, avoiding the coldest of winter. We aim to exhibit 7 artist a year, having the last show in the month of December a group show when all the 7 artists will display one piece of work together.

We want clever art, immersive and plural, the one that propose new ways, art that will bring people in conversation, and eventually, make them smile.

The  First Idea, 2 galleries, logo on top, lights, artist statement area, gift shop...
collage-Side Sala 2.jpg

Lateral view, gallery 1 and logo on a Cargo bike made in Berlin, a Citkar. 
collage-Side Sala 1.jpg
Lateral view, gallery 2 and logo on a Cargo bike made in Berlin, a Citkar. 
collage-Back open GS.jpg

Back View, The Gift Shop 

Back View, The Gift Shop closed, artist statment and exhibition poster
pagina 1 Natalia Ferber.jpg

The second and third (economical) versions... just to have options... 

N Ferber Box 2_edited.jpg
This is a cheaper version without gift shop...
And the cheapest, we just wrap the art in the box that comes with the Citkar, sort of a homege to Christo and Jeanne-Claude...

Sounds interesting right? 

In 2022 I presented this project to the Berlin Art Capital 2023 Funding. It took me a couple of months to have it all ready, idea, budgets, business plan, explanation and to format it all according to the requirements stated by them. A couple of weeks after submission, I received a letter, where the organizers told me my application exceeded the text limit by 2 lines and that, as a result, I had been disqualified.  They refused to show my projects to the judges.  They said I could appeal their decision by hiring a lawyer and submitting a complaint within 14 days … I felt very frustrated.  One thing is not to be selected, it happens, but another is not even being judged by the panel of selected experts.

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