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Me and some of my heroes

Natalia Ferber is a landscape and cloudscape painter, inquisitive photographer and object and machine builder who’s line of work is based on the idea that all possible alternate histories and futures are real, each representing an actual "world" (or "universe”)*.

The raw material for her work are images she captures travelling around the world (or around the corner) and mixing it into fantastic landscapes, when everyone is invited and welcome.  It is just like real life, only better. 

"My work is a response to what is surrounding us, the news, the human kind stupidity and brilliantness, and a way of canalize what I sometimes find extremely frustrating. I use irony as a way to express this frustration and avoid getting sick. I do not believe in aggressive art, you have enough with the news, so I try to translate it into a whimsical image that look innocent at first, but the message will enter in your subconscious and you will become a better person.

I create a parallel world, where no one ask you where you are from, there’s no borders, everyone is accepted and welcome (except for the bad guys)".

Natalia Ferber was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, during a dictatorship. She moved to Spain as a political refugee with her family where she spent her childhood before moving back to Uruguay as a teenager. She graduated with degrees in Architecture and Fine Art.


Her work has been exhibited and sold commercially through solo and group shows in Europe and America. Looking forward to expand into the other continents. 




2017   Journey Journals II - A fabulous compilation of anecdotes, love, work and mystery in a faraway land (relatively speaking). London, UK

           Journey Journal, my line of thoughts is not very lineal. London UK  

2016   Summer Salon Lubomirov-Angus-Hughes, London, UK

           Group Show, Delta House, London, UK

2015   Group Show, Delta House, London, UK

           Group Show, Kasum Contemporary, Oklahoma city, OK

           Group Show, Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas, TX

2014   Group Show, Kasum Contemporary, Oklahoma city, OK

           Group Show, Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas, TX

2013   Group Show, Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas, TX

2012   Solo Show, Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas, TX

2011   Group show a.DOT, organized by CWA and part of the Chicago Artist Month Chicago, Illinois

           Group show  Heritage Month, AIA Dallas, TX

           Group Show, Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas, TX

2010   “Texas New Talent” Juried group exhibition. Craighead Green Gallery Dallas TX

            “Hecho en Dallas” Juried group exhibition. Latino Cultural Center Dallas TX

2004    Group exhibition organized by the IENBA, Montevideo - Uruguay.

2003    Solo exhibition in the US Embassy in Montevideo. Montevideo - UY

2001    1st Prize Urban Development US Embassy. Montevideo - Uruguay.

2000    Bidding award to develop the BSE Calendar Magazine. Montevideo - UY

1999    1st Prize and Mention in Tiles Contest. Montevideo - Uruguay.

1998    Sculpture contest on Justice – Exhibited in Motevideo’s City Hall. Montevideo - Uruguay.

1996    Group exhibition - IENBA, Montevideo - Uruguay

1995    Group exhibition in the Visual Dimension room,  Montevideo – Uruguay

Books (Journey Journals)

I went to New Mexico and Back. My line of thought is not very linear.
The Fabulous Adventures of a Trampoline. I spend too much time on a plane.
And then I landed in Happyland. Love work and mystery in a faraway land -sort of-


1st Prize Urban Remodeling United States Embassy in Uruguay, National Competition, MVD - Uruguay
1st Prize Bidding award to develop the “BSE Calendar”; National Competition, Montevideo –Uruguay
1st prize and honorable mention, “Tile Competition”, National Competition, Montevideo, Uruguay
2nd Prize Art Contents “Caja Madrid”, Madrid – Spain




Women in Architecture AIA Dallas – “Express yourself” competition. AIA Dallas, TX

Dallas Modern Luxury December 2010. Dallas TX

Uruguayan Society of Architects (SAU). Publishers: SAU Uruguay. Montevideo - Uruguay

Elarqa No 34. Publisher: Dos Puntos Editorial. Montevideo - Uruguay

I Mies van der Rohe Award for Latin American Architecture. Publisher: Fundació Mies van der Rohe / ActarBarcelona, Spain

UDELAR Sprechman Studio Magazine; Domino No 2 – Studio Work II. Publishers: Dos Puntos Editorial



1994- 2003    Bachelor in Art. University of Uruguay (UdelaR), Montevideo-Uruguay

1994- 2004    Architecture and Urban Design. (UdelaR) Montevideo - Uruguay 

2005-2006     Sculpture with the artist Marivi Ugolino, Montevideo - Uruguay

1997-2002     Drawing and Paints studies with Anhelo Hernández

1995              Photography at Dimension Visual, Montevideo-Uruguay