Journey Journals

The Fabulous Adventures of a Trampoline

The fabulous adventures of a trampoline is a fable, inspired by a visit to South London, where many buildings were waiting to be demolished in order to build new residential towers, with the vociferous protests from the ones displaced written in every single blocked window. Also inspired by trips to cities in 4 continents, where I found exactly the same shops, or arriving at any train station or leaving an airport, to find out the menus are all provided by the same company, those corporations that make the world look and taste all the same. 

The Journey Journals are a series of books where Natalia’s travel impressions are expressed. There are many of them and more to come. “There is ugliness in the world and we are not here to ignore it, but I do not intend to make an aesthetic out of it either, I would rather open up a dialogue in order to figure how it can be improved”.

© Natalia Ferber

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