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JJ-NM and Back-01
JJ-NM and Back-02
JJ-NM and Back-03
JJ-NM and Back-04
JJ-NM and Back-05
JJ-NM and Back-06
JJ-NM and Back-08
JJ-NM and Back-07
JJ-NM and Back-10
JJ-NM and Back-09
JJ-NM and Back-12
JJ-NM and Back-11
JJ-NM and Back-13
JJ-NM and Back-14
JJ-NM and Back-15
JJ-NM and Back-16
JJ-NM and Back-17
JJ-NM and Back-18

Journey Journals

I went to New Mexico and Back  

The story of a road trip that started in Albuquerque, New Mexico and went all the way to Oklahoma City along Route 66. 

The Journey Journals are a series of books where Natalia’s travel impressions are expressed. There are many of them and more to come. “There is ugliness in the world and we are not here to ignore it, but I do not intend to make an aesthetic out of it either, I would rather show options on how it can be improved”.

“It is my intent to, at least, make you smile”.

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