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kiosk 24, 28-08 to 15-10 2023

el Jardin de los Sueños Posibles

The Garden of Possible Dreams is an installation designed to be exhibited in the art space Kiosk 24 as part of the body of work titled “The Flower Shop”.


The intention of The Garden of Possible Dreams is to make you smile every time you visit, even if it is through the window or the screen of your phone, and to enjoy the idea of nature being available everywhere, in a space where there is room for all. In The Garden of Possible Dreams everyone (except fanatics and radicals) is welcome.

The Virtual Gallery Room
Art for a happier life

Art Instalation: The Flower Shop
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Artist Book about the Flower Shop

Flower arrangement catalogue, tales and anecdotes.

Exhibition invitation 2019

Sala 1 Enter

Made in Avenida Brasil

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Enjoy Fresh Air in  the Outdoor Area

Shop to feel alive .... not really, just because you like it, make you feel great or need a gift for some else. 

Exhibition invitation 2019

Sala 2 Enter

The Fabulous Adventures of a Trampoline in the Reading Room

Artist book, I went to NM and back

Sala 3 Enter

I went to New Mexico and back

my line of thoughts is not very linear

virtual art gallery
Animation - NFT
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