• Natalia Ferber


London is hot

London is actually cold and damp wet

London in sexy and irreverent

London is a punk and a business man

London is a pirate

London is a cup of tea and a pint of beer, or maybe two, or maybe more

London is a Lady, that will allow you to make love to her

but actually, she is fucking you, and your friends and your family

and then, all of them will speak English

London is a mother giving independence to their children,

her children that want to move back with her

London is sexy, London is crowded, London is mixed and mexed

London is mature and elegant

London is vibrant and seductive

London is gray and green

London is busy, very busy

London is divorce, and married again and again,

London is a cheater,

London care and don't care

London is rough

London has a beautiful river, who give her life, and I cross it twice every day and photograph it.

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