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el Jardín de los Sueños Posibles
the Garden of Possible Dreams
der Garten der möglichen Träume

an Installation to be display the exhibition space Kiosk 24  from 28-08 to 15-10 2023


Ferber instal 5.jpg

the Garden of Possible Dreams


In the garden of possible dreams there are flowers and paths, there is romance and forgetfulness, there are memories and kisses.


In the garden of possible dreams coexist blue and silver, the romance of red with turquoise and the airiest green. 


In the garden of possible dreams live together the tall and the short, the small-nosed and the big-nosed, the orange and the brown, the long, the wide, the horizontal and the vertical, the right and the left.


In the garden of possible dreams live the cockroach and the fish, the Elephant and the navel.


In the garden of possible dreams there is more greenery and more olives. There are more colours and they are all alive. There are cities and trucks, there are bicycles and tractors, skateboards, pedestrians.


In the garden of possible dreams, not everyone dines together at the table as great friends, not everyone hugs and kisses, everyone does gets into the same buggy, everyone eats at their table and can come and go, choose.


In the garden of possible dreams there are limits and attractions, there are results and meetings, there are applauses and boos, there are good days and bad days.


In the garden of possible dreams, there is more air and more recreation.

Oh, this garden is so open and sensitive, where everything is greener and with more air.


This garden is plural and inclusive, it is green and full of oxygen.


This garden is for everyone and for no one, this garden is its own owner, this garden is neither beautiful nor ugly, this garden is.

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The Garden of Possible Dreams is an installation designed to be exhibited in the art space Kiosk 24 as part of the body of work titled “The Flower Shop”.

It consists of a poem in Spanish (original language) translated into German and English, works displayed on the wall, “flower arrangements” created using mixed media on cotton paper and displayed in acrylic frames or “vases” custom-made in Berlin, bespoke wallpapers, “pollinators”, mixed media work on canvas, art printed on plates, posters and backgrounds made using digitally manipulated photographs). Artificial grass and posters on the floor.

The intention of The Garden of Possible Dream is to make you smile every time you visit, even if it is through the window or the screen of your phone, and to enjoy the idea of nature being available everywhere, in a space where there is room for all.

In The Garden of Possible Dreams everyone (except fanatics and radicals) is welcome.

The Flower Shop’s mission is to outlast the limited life span of a cut (or uncut) flower, to contribute to the perception of the need for natural spaces in the urban environment and the actions each of us can take to improve the air quality and liveability of our cities. This work aims to empower you and to encourage you to think about your own actions and contributions.

In the background of the “Flower arrangements” is the first wallpaper designed based on “Toile de Jouy” using photographs I took in central London during the 2020 lockdown, when the traffic and pollution was reduced to a minimum, and the city was taken over by pedestrians and by families and children on their bicycles, allowing the rebirth and recovery of nature, an image that was mirrored in many other urban centres. The Toile de Jouy is a traditional design depicting mostly pastoral scenes. Instead of the countryside, I am using images of the cities (that have been taken over by motorized transportation since the invention of the automobile) without traffic to illustrate that, with the polluters gone, they are once again a space for people to enjoy and nature to be reborn. A second motif displays the Pollinators in full action, helping spread the seeds of life to create more beauty. Like everything, they are colourful, cheerful and threatening and dangerous.  As with most things, nothing is totally good or totally bad (not considering extremes).

There are so many wonderful things happening around us, let’s embrace and grow from them, as once you have seen them, you cannot unsee them.

Installation Wall 1

pared 1.jpg
pared 2.jpg

Installation Wall 2


flores y el mundo W
Ferber-flores BN w
cielo azul y flores w
collage 1-carpaW
01 Marco dorado 71x71cm
W1 - smile with bw flowers and a red one
plato-base-Girona Sardinas
50x50 gold frame and background 2022
30x30 new lighter gold frame and background 2022
At home
flores mirror
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